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REYC Lymington Meet – 2021 Race is announced!

See here for the latest NOR, calling letter and application form.


At the AGM in April 2018, Members approved the proposal to convert the old REYC Excepted Charity to a new Association Model, Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  They also approved the draft Constitution which had been submitted to the Charity Commission.  In May 2018, the Charity Commission approved the application and entered the new CIO on the Register of Charities without any amendments to the Constitution. The new REYC therefore came into existence exactly as agreed by the Members at the AGM.

It was also agreed that the previous Excepted Charity would continue until all assets could be transferred to the new REYC, after which MoD would be asked to dissolve it.  This meant that both the old and new REYCs would run in parallel during 2018 in order to affect a seamless transfer of assets and this has proved invaluable.

The opportunity to improve the financial administration of the REYC was another key element of the Governance Review.  All separate Club accounts are being concentrated under the Corps Treasurer at Chatham and will be audited centrally, thereby relieving units and Club Officers of the task.  Annual reports will follow the Charity Commission format rather than the MoD one-size-fits-all version.  The financial year for the new REYC will now be the same as the calendar year.  There may be a small management charge for this service which the Trustees consider reasonable.

As part of the work to transfer all the assets, the Vice-Commodore has consolidated all Club property onto a single asset register, which will greatly help future management. He has also undertaken a fundamental review of insurance which found and filled some gaps.  Most importantly, ownership of the four offshore yachts has been transferred to the CIO so they are no longer personally held in trust by individuals.  The Commodore has been appointed by the Trustees as the Managing Owner and RCdre Offshore has been appointed as the Managing Agent responsible for maintenance and safety under MCA regulations.

The CIO ‘belongs’ to its Members, who are unchanged.  They appoint Trustees who, in turn, are responsible for managing the Charity on their behalf. Our Constitution requires  the initial trustees of the CIO to stand down at the first AGM after the creation of the charity.  Consequently, one of the key agenda items at AGM 2019 will be for the Members to elect individuals  to fill the three vacancies for Elected Trustees and to confirm the two ex-officio Trustee appointments (Commodore and Vice Commodore).

The Trustees delegate day-to-day management of the Club to the Main Committee, run by the Commodore. They do so through a set of Rules which complement the Constitution.  These are being updated and will be presented to Members at the AGM 2019.  In essence, matters already covered in the new Constitution are being removed and the rest tidied up.  Membership categories are being simplified, but no major changes are envisaged.  The current Bye-Laws will then be updated by the Main Committee during 2019.

All this is essential background to the main object, sailing, which continues as before.  The aim is to complete it all by the AGM 2019, improving support to Inshore and Offshore sailors for years to come.

David Innes                                                                         Mark Johnson-Ferguson

Chairman of Trustees                                                        Commodore

January 2019